A Birthday Present for Mistress Stephanie


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 4/30/2017


Starring Mistress Stephanie Locke, Sharon Kane, Raven Cole, Nancy Clifton, Shy Sara

Starts out with a storyline bondage drama of Sharon bringing Raven to Mistress Stephanie's house shackled, handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged--a bondage birthday present. Sharon and Raven catfight topless to see who gets to be Stephanie's submissive. Raven prevails and gets hogtied, and then undergoes several other bondages. Then it's Sharon's turn to savor the sweet taste of Stephanie's bondage. There is a leather straitjacket scene, and a gaggle of other goodies. Then the great Nancy Clifton is seen in her bondage debut--some vignettes wearing a red mackintosh and red patent leather stiletto heels. Later, she's cuffed and shackled wearing only red lace lingerie. Finally, some vignettes of Sara wearing a 17" red leather corset and black spandex hood with red ballgag over it.

Caveat Emptor:
These videos are well over 10 years old and possibly not fully up to today's highest State-Of-The-Art standards.


This darn thing is now a lot older than when the above was written. And it's pretty faded and weathered. Probably should pass it up unless you see something you really really want.

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