A Slip Back in Time


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/4/2017

"A Slip Back in Time"


50 Minutes
Starring Sabrina Stone and Stella DuBois

Sabrina begins this 17t tribute to the bondage days of the '50s, and Irving Klaw, the prolific photographer of bondage in those days. Sabrina Stone opens the program in the title segment, dressed in a silky white slip, stockings, garter-belt and heels. A traditional chair-tie with white cloth gag suits the woman and her outfit nicely. Then Sabrina changes into black lingerie and is tied ankles-to-wrists. Squirming around energetically, Sabrina never is able to free herself. Meanwhile, viewers are treated to a number of interesting predicaments she encounters while struggling. But, for Sabrina, the day wouldn't be complete without a hogtie! Then Stella takes center-stage, in her own variations of black and white '50s style lingerie. Stella does four sexy positions!

Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer

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