All Dressed Up And Tied


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/7/2017

"ALL DRESSED UP AND TIED" (GAL-30) 35 Minutes Starring Cleo Nichole and Carolyn Reese
Wearing velvet corsets or PVC pants, and in varying stages of dress and undress, Cleo and Carolyn experience creatively ropy predicaments! Each beautiful blonde takes her turn with a standing tie, Carolyn's is very tight, with lots of rope, while Cleo's is done with three simple lengths of rope, but the position is extremely strenuous. Then tied together for two scenes, Carolyn and Cleo begin fully dressed, but soon find themselves topless and tied. Finally, Carolyn, down to her panties and heels only, performs a charmingly sexy self-tie scene. Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer.

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