B at 9,000 ft.


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 12/1/2016

71 MINUTES - PROBABLY PRE THE KRISTINE IMBOCH (WARNING SHOT: SOME SCENES ARE TOO DARK TO REPLICATE HERE) Not sure, but because this program is so innocent and amateurish, so unlighted and unfocused in spots, it is possible that it was shot for private reasons long before Kristine Imboch knew she would eventually come west to claim her place as one of the true-blue biggies of bondage commerce--as both model and producer. So here it is now, dark as midnight in some spots, unfocused in others, some scenes virtually unseeable, yet compelling because it is she and it was then and we probably weren't meant to see it! Sexy forbidden fruit! Nostalgia sweet as wine! ...and so forth! Maybe Kristine had it shot back at that earlier stage of her life unaware of her future in the commercial bondage world, maybe she thought it might be of some private sentimental value
in her later life--her version of a personal photo album or private scrapbook, a way of looking back at a really good once-upon-a-time. Those reasons are endearing and historically significant and far more than enough to refloat this program despite its technical deficiencies.

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