B for Betsy


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/15/2017



We know you’ve been waiting for the release of Betsy’s Model Profile video. The wait was worth it! Betsy was eager to show off her favorite sexy outfits, especially her boots. Though she’s vocal and sensual during the bondages, she’s very reserved during her interview, in which she discusses her feelings about lingerie, bondage positions, and Harmony customers! Shapely Betsy bondage fashion show: RED LACE TEDDY. BLACK HI-HEEL THlGH-Hl LEATHER BOOTS – A secure chair tie and cleave gag. Her top is removed to highlight her flawless figure. BLACK LINGERIE ENSEMBLE, HI-HEEL THIGH-HI LEOPARD- PRINT BOOTS – Spread-eagled (intricate spider web style) on a waterbed, gagged with silver duct cape. PINK SEE-THRU DRESS, PINK STOCKINGS AND GARTERS – Bound kneeling on a chair, with a white scarf gag. TIGHT BLACK COCKTAIL DRESS, OPERA GLOVES, STOCK- INGS, HI-HEEL PUMPS – In this mini-story, Betsy visits a friend and agrees to a little bondage wager! She winds up tied to a door, muffled with a black tape gag. SEE-THRU SHIRT AND STRETCH PANTS, HI-HEEL PUMPS – Betsy’s chastity belt serves to secure her handcuffs; her knees and ankles are leather-strapped together, and she’s cleave gagged with a bright blue scarf.

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