B - Movie Madness!


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 7/15/2017

73 Minutes $30DVD - Starring Darla Crane

1. In black lingerie, chair-bound Darla writhes with her elbows tied tightly together. 2. Wearing topless PVC lingerie and 5" heels, she rolls on the floor in a wrist-to-ankle tie. 3. Adopting a 'sweetheart' hairdo for her long red tresses, Darla struggles, arms spread, in a midnight outdoor scene standing in 5" heels. 4. A chair-tie with a black dress, shoes & hairstyle emphasizes Darla's hourglass figure. 5. In "The Revenge of Lady Binder," Darla's 'arch-nemesis' has left her bound and gagged. 6. Darla looks like a movie star 'in this sendup with blonde hair and white dress. Electric fans lift her skirt for a peek at her pretty white panties and garter belt. 7. Accessorized with a red corselette, red high heels, and net stockings, Darla is relaxed in bed bondage. 8. In "The Gal Who Knew Too Much," Darla energetically struggles and mmmphs through her ball-gag for more than 8 minutes. 9. The Vampire-Lady "hostess" who introduced each bondage scene gets tied up! Wearing an unusual leather body-corset and thigh-high leather boots, she is bound face up on a table.

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