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RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017

"Barefoot, Buxom & Beautiful" (GBF-4) 75 Minutes
Dominic Wolfe's "put the bondage in the viewers living room" style of videography continues to serve up heart-stopping excitement -- especially if you are a fan of barefoot bondage! Filmed in a well-lit, uncluttered and comfortable environment, the two new lovely bondagettes featured in this video are wonderfully part of Dominic's "reality" concept. Exotic, sultry Aloma, wearing a girdle skirt and bra, and then a tap-pant and bra combo, is sweetly barefoot for both of her scenes. Then blonde and equally sultry Paulina is expertly bound for the next four scenes in outfits ranging from skirt and blouse with stockinged feet, to topless and barefoot in jeans a la Eliot Shear. This video provides the most INTIMATE barefoot and stockinged foot close-ups we've ever encountered -- up close and shockingly personal! Pretty faces sporting strict and secure gags, lovely figures dressed alluringly, and sweet feet in various stages of sexy underess make this video a barefoot & stockinged foot bondage dream-come-true!

Produced and directed by Dominic Wolfe

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