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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2019

(EE-5) 85 Minutes
Newcomers to Hollywood never have it easy, and it’s especially tough for naive Nebraska beauties like those portrayed by the enticing twosome of Bambi Newberry and Tory Sinclair. When trusting Bambi leaves their apartment door unlocked, they’re quickly bound and gagged in skirts and stockinged feet by an opportunistic burglar. The creep lingers awhile, first retying the roommates back-to-back in a tight topless bondage, then forcing the trussed-up Bambi to suck Tory’s toes for his amusement. When he finally leaves, it’s only after duct-taping them head-to-toe in a wrap guaranteed to keep them secure for hours. Joy Fox and Janet Kennedy star in another cautionary tale
of show-biz. Both ladies are aspiring actresses who run afoul of a sleazy producer who convinces them that they must be tied and gagged for their ”auditions.” Tatiana Varga, topless and sandaled, steams up a separate scene with her exotic energy. Bambi’s bondage doesn’t end with her duct-tape duet; instead, the feisty redhead struggles through four Eliot Shear specials. She’s toe-tied for a classic topless hogtie and an evocative T-shirt-and-jeans restraint. Bambi’s remaining bondages contrast a sultry standing immobilization on six-inch platforms heels with a soapy bathtub tie-up that leaves her bare soles spectacularly wrinkled.

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