Don't Tie Us Up!


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 10/30/2017

"Don't Tie Us Up!" (GAL-37) 60 Minutes
CHANTA ROSE and CORY LANE in a playful panties only cuff sequence; MOLLY MATTHEWS and COURTNEY CHAMBERS strappadoe'd side-by-side; and MARY JANE and KELLY MOON pantied, topless and barefoot while chair taped back-to-back. The individual ingénue installments include:
BROOK TAYLOR topless and tied on a futon; TOMMI ROSE panties only and chair tied; LIZ TYLER chair tied wearing a pretty corset, stockings and heels; MARY JANE also chair tied (wearing a cute outfit, pantyhose, heels); and ANNA MILLS in a T-post tie, wearing thigh highs and panties. I know you'll enjoy these wonderful, bondageful damsels of summer!
Directed by Oak O'Kork

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