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CAST: Catharine Beaumont, Morgan Phoenix


RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2019

DUOS-12 - "EAR-PLUGGED!" 40 MINUTES - A CHELSEA PFEIFFER LINGERIE BONDAGE CLASSIC STARRING MORGAN & CATHARINE! (LOTS OF PANTY-CLAD ROUND BOTTOMS-UP SCENES!) Chels tied them tightly, gagged them firmly, blindfolded them securely, and EAR-PLUGGED them--maxing up the stereo and sending them flopping around the room in search of each other to get untied. Sensational squirming and flopping and eventual success--only to be retied two more times and sent off in search of each other again. It makes for some pretty sights--beautiful female bodies in positions none of us have seen before. This fresh and sexually appetizing mini-masterpiece video ends with two less complicated scenes--Catharine and Morgan pantied and high-heeled and bent over in a lovely bottoms-up pose and a straight into the camera bondage pose. A yummy 40 minutes of quiet, appealing classic bondage

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