Facets of Jewell


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/4/2017

"Facets of The Jewell"
(JM-1) 60 Minutes
Sultry Jewell Marceau offers an absolutely "can't miss" debut
as a director in her first independent production for Harmony!

Jewell begins with a sexy, lingering self-tie-and-gag before asking you to add more ropes to her bondage. (Of course you'd tie her elbows together, wouldn't you?) Next she's dressed up in a red and black PVC ensemble with thigh-high boots for a progressive bondage, and she hops all over the place wearing a rubber skirt and top! Next is a damsel scenario: Her snug elbows-together hogtie includes a highly effective hair-tie. Then when Jewell thinks it's all over and she's done, she's mercilessly tickled in her stockinged feet until she just can't take it any more!

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