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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2017



60 Minutes

Starring Alex Foxe and Sass Lynn with Misty Grayson and Yvette D'Aqui

Blonde Sass Lyn has a clog in her sink, and calls B&G plumbing to fix it. Brunette Alex Foxe is the plumber who answers the call with plans other than just cleaning the drain. Alex is also a clever thief, and once she discovers Sass has merinthophobia the fear of being tied up she takes advantage of the situation. The plan backfires as Sass ties Alex twice before the blonde bombshell finds herself facing her fears of bondage. Then another robber surprises both of them, and they spend time too close for comfort. Tie-ups include two hogties, standing ties, and bound in a crate. In addition, cleave, tape, and ball gags abound! Following the main story, a vignette starring Misty and Yvette has both tied to bedposts, tightly cleave gagged and unable to escape as they experience their own merinthophobia!

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