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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 12/9/2016

60 MINUTES - ANDREA NEAL, SADIE BELLE, MISTY GRAYSON & YVETTE D'AQUI! In this intriguingly abstract tale, beautiful Andrea Neal and statuesque Sadie Belle get wrapped up in a game of minds--and ropes--as they try to defeat each other. They obsess over each other's bare feet, and bind each other in treacherous situations while barefoot. Who has the upper hand--or should we say the upper foot? Is Andrea binding and gagging Sadie to trap her for nefarious reasons? Is Sadie playing along with Andrea's twisted plans for equally vengeful purposes? Also featuring blonde beauty Misty Grayson and red-hot redhead Yvette D'Aqui in a panties-only hogtie (Misty is wearing pantyhose).

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