From Classic to Contemporary


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 2/23/2018

(GAL-26) 35 Minutes Starring Nikki Darlin and Jessica Eden
In outfits ranging from classic, old-fashioned lingerie, to contemporary bikini and mini-dress Nikki and Jessica struggle valiantly in creatively tight bondages. Cute and very tie-able Nikki's tastes lean more toward the classic, so she sports waist-high panties, seamed stockings and opera gloves for her first elbows-together chair tie. Then she changes into a vintage, black lace merry-widow for another intense chair tie, accented with a bit gag and a bent-over position to allow you to admire her darlin' lace panties. Blonde, blue-eyed, busty beauty Jessica opted for the contemporary look. In her bright, barely there bikini, she's tied down to an ottoman. She changes into a contemporary bra and panty set for her hogtie, but her bra is unable to contain her bountiful bosom once she begins her struggles. Finally, she dons a mini-dress and heels for a modern damsel-in-distress vignette. Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer

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