Gag - Play


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2018

65 Minutes,

Catharine Beaumont's new valley-gal roommate, Kris, works for a bondage company--so Catharine's one happy lady! She really likes being gagged, and now she can be bound and gagged whenever she wants it! ...Uh oh! Kris arrives home from work "totally burned out," refusing to play bondage. Playful Catharine's not deterred. She sneaks out to buy loaded dice, then talks gullible Kris into an "easy," "low-effort" bondage game. The die is rolled and Catharine moves her piece-along the "LET'S PLAY- BONDAGE" game board. Kris reads the game cards and applies the bondage as indicated. But why do most turns involve a new gag? The "low-effort" game soon becomes a major project as Kris finds she must apply gag after gag to Catharine's smiling face. Happily docile for her evening of diversion, Catharine enjoys gags such as a red rubber ball, the squeeze-lipped "Nautilus" gag, a spandex hood with spandex wrap, a handkerchief, a foam ball, a ball gag, electrician's tape wrapped around her head, duct tape with drawn-on lips, five other kinds of tape, a leather glove, panties, scarves, and other fun mouth-stuffers. She also gets laced into her leather corset.
On-screen tying and gagging is the focal point for each scene. A quiet, comfortable rapport is evident between Kris & Catherine

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