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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

60 minutes

After sex-symbol Brooke Evans is widowed by her elderly billionaire husband, the family wants to be certain she doesn’t get her hands on any of the inheritance. Brooke believes the authorities can’t give her adequate protection, so she hires Private Eye Ariele Cole for extra security. The gorgeous gumshoe is en route to her new client when hired thugs invade Brooke’s home. She’s bound and gagged (on-screen), and the criminals lie in wait for Ariele. As soon as she arrives, Ms. Cole is given the same maltreatment, and both women are spirited away to a seamy hideout. The women are compelled to strip (on-screen), then tied side-by-side, nervously awaiting their fate. They’re both hogtied, but no sooner does the criminals’ boss arrive to deal with them when she’s double-crossed! The hapless duo is
then carried out by the crooks and taken to a deserted warehouse. Ariele is brought face-to-face with an old enemy, who has perilous plans for both the P.l. and the beautiful heiress. Wrapped ankle-to-shoulder in duct-tape, how can Ariele possibly be able to save Brooke and herself?

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