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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 4/30/2017

Andrea Neal is Sweet Gwen and Talia Monét is U-89
in this send up to John Willie's sweet heroine and her plucky pal!

"The Misadventures of Sweet Gwen"


35 Minutes

Sweet Gwen and U-89 are playing a game of bondage -- to teach Gwen to escape whenever she might find herself in peril. Gwen is simply awful at it and can't seem to get away no matter how hard she tries. U-89 decides to leave Gwen bound and gagged at home for safekeeping while she goes to the patent office to obtain a patent for the new anti-aging cream she's invented. Almost as soon as U-89 leaves, Gwen frees herself, and feeling extremely proud, decides to hurry down to the patent office to surprise U-89. On her way poor Gwen is nabbed by a thug, hired by Major Cosmetics Corp., tied and left as bait to lure U-89 and her anti-aging cream into a trap. U-89 returns home with her new patent to find that Gwen is gone! Suspecting the worst, U-89 hurries off to find Gwen, and rushes right into the trap. Now, the head of Major Cosmetics Corp. has Gwen, U-89, the anti-aging cream AND the patent! It seems all is lost... Or is it?

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