Heavenly Stock Feet


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/10/2017

"Heavenly Stockinged Feet"


50 Minutes

Sweetly stockinged-footed damsels are bound and gagged in 8 sexy scenarios: Artemis Antone and Stella DuBois find their night out canceled when the two cuties in cocktail dresses lose their shoes and get tied up. Artemis is bound for beddy-bye in panties, a T-shirt and soft, pink ankle socks. She returns for an encore dressed in nothing but sparkly lavender pantyhose and a pink satin bra. Bound with her sheer hose covered peds in the air, angles allow for much appreciation of her predicament. Stella dons a pair of real silk stockings, with Cuban heels along with her black lingerie. Before she can finish dressing, she finds herself in a half-hogtie, secured to the sofa with nothing to do but let us admire her stockings. Stella's encore is no less stunning than her black pantyhose with silver sparkle accents! Angela Valdez is too talkative in class. Warnings to be quiet must have fallen on deaf ears, for soon she finds herself tied to her study desk, tape-gagged, her tennis shoes removed and her blouse open. Lana Blake, wearing nothing but panties and pantyhose, is stretched into a spread-eagle, bound with cloth-strips. Then her position is reversed to a tummy-down spread-eagle. Newcomer Trina Lynne is an inappropriately dressed secretary, in a see-through white blouse, a too short skirt and no shoes! No wonder she ends up hogtied and tape-gagged!

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