in Black & White


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/4/2017


40 Minutes - Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer

Just like the ladies in Irving Klaw's studio in Manhattan in the 1950s, Harmony bondagettes dress, interact and are tied like they did it back when... Andrea Neal, a wholesome vision of a bondagette from days-gone-by, wears a panty-girdle, stockings, garters, opera gloves & 5-inch heels. Stella Dubois looks just as fetching in her alternating white and black 50s-style lingerie. The ties are actual re-creations from Klaw photos, and the black & white photo that inspired each scene is included at the beginning of each tie-up so you can see which Klaw model is being imitated (Andrea Neal takes on a couple of Betty Page scenes!). Fans of 50s lingerie and Irving Klaw will find this video wonderfully authentic and yet refreshingly up-to-date!

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