Inherit the Rope


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2017



55 Minutes
Starring Kitty Krystal and introducing Jessica Vaughn with Ruby Bordeaux

Revolving around a very short story in which the beautiful but evil Jessica forces the pretty Kitty to sign over a large inheritance, both new Harmony superstars-of-the-future find themselves in one bind after another. Kitty is hogtied and gagged while wearing a fetish black corset and heels. Jessica is bound and gagged with her arms over head to the four-post bed; she's also tied tight to a chair while wearing naught but pantyhose and heels; she's even hogtied and barefoot in a scanty bikini. Finally both are gagged and bound struggling on the floor, trying to reach the door to escape! Following is a high fetish vignette of Ruby Bordeaux bound up in black leather straps, harness-ball-gagged, wearing only pantyhose.

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