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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017

"The Inside Scoop & Other Tales"


60 Minutes

Unscrupulous TV reporter Sabrina Stone goes undercover to dig up the dirt on bondage producer Catalina L'Amour, and even performs in a video with Lilli White. Although Catalina isn't doing anything illegal, Sabrina tries to vilify her in a journalistic ambush. But the unethical reporter (and Catalina) may regret her eagerness to get a story at any price. In "Wrong Number," Ohlivia Dhavine accidentally dials "911" instead of "411," and as a matter of routine, Officer Lana Blake comes by to investigate. When the policewoman shows an interest in artwork stolen by Ohlivia's boyfriend, Lana must be detained so the larcenous couple can flee with the goods. Plus another surprise story rounds out this Harmony Collection of bondage-filled tales.

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