Jewell's Progression


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/4/2017

"Jewell's Progression"
(JM-2) 63 Minutes

Harmony's high-fetish honey is nothing short of precious in a quartet of sexy scenes highlighting kinky clothes and progressive on-screen tie-ups. Jewell zips on a tight rubber dress and buckles on a ball-gag and gas mask, then lovingly binds her gorgeous gams with straps before luxuriating in an elbows-together leather bondage. A vision in white, Ms. Marceau is restrained in a rope web-work and briefly placed under black lights for a stunning effect. Jewell is then shown roped into a strict crossed-ankle strappado position which includes a hair-tie. Dressed in black PVC and a corset, Jewell is secured in a hands-in-front frog-tie so she can experience a genuinely rousing climax to her video!

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