Latex and Rubber


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2017


Starring Olivia Outre, Kristen Gilmour
45 Minutes

Squeaky, shiny, skin tight, sticky sexy black latex fills the screen like you wouldn't believe! Olivia appears first in a zipper front, open-laced back, latex mini-dress and latex plug gag, her hands hoisted high and her ankles bound with rubber and an open-breasted latex teddy, ballgagged, her arms and legs encircled by tight rubber straps. Then, she's set down on an x-cross wearing an unzipped latex skirt, peek-a-boo top, stockings, gloves and a rubber strip cleave gag! Submissive Kristen struggles in a rubber mini and platform heels for her standing leather and chained spread-eagles. Then, in a skin tight thin latex tank dress, the blonde bondagette is post-tied and packed cleave-gagged with lots of black leather straps. And there's a lot more besides!

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