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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 12/10/2016

35 Minutes
Starring Lola. Lusty Lola accepts a dinner date from Jimmy, the impostor brother of her lesbian roommate Colette (who she tormented and teased in DFD-1) after he boasts of his culinary credits, only to find out he has prepared an inedible meal on paper plates! Lola loses her patience, gagging her hapless but handsome chef with her headband, binding him to his chair and straddling him to keep him from squirming. In the next scene, Lola lures Jimmy into a straightjacket and gags and ties him before she sinks into the couch to enjoy the homemade dessert she brought over. Jimmy begs through his gag for a taste of the sweet smelling pastries to no avail.

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