Melina Christopher Bound & Gagged!


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CAST: Melina Christopher


RELEASE DATE: 4/2/2020



40 Minutes - Adults Only

We've been expanding these sample pages to show all the situations in these programs, instead of just a token few. Too many scenes that might be considered wonderful by some go unnoted when a program is represented by a mere handful of sample scenes. Who really can know what scene will or will not satisfy someone else's lifetime of yearning? Best then to take the trouble and space to show all the scenes because it might be this one or that one that one or more have wanted forever and never found. Simone Devon conscientiously tried to address every imaginable bondage situation and it probably galled her when so much of what she created was ignored in commercial promotions of her work-- that so much of her work was bypassed because it was not fully represented. Heeding that lesson at last, we are now going through the entire Harmony library, program by program, capturing at least a scene from every situation to make sure everyone sees everything that's in there. Accordingly, we now present in this SD-5 program every single one of the many fantasy-fulfilling bondages that befell zaftig Melina Christopher on a warm afternoon all those summers ago.

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