Mindy Dawn: Pleasure Bound


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/2/2018

88 MINUTES - STARRING SULTRY MINDY DAWN Amazing what two resourceful people can accomplish when one of them knows the ropes and the other doesn't mind wearing them. This model and her producer have packed a lot of good-looking tight bondages into an hour-and-a-half masterpiece--every tie-up long and satisfying. The producer, who modestly signs in only as "B.C.,", is right up there with
Jack Banner Jay Edwards and all the other bondage big-timers when it comes to tight and efficient ropework. In fact, his finished product seems even prettier than theirs. Maybe it's the ropes, maybe it's her pretty face and lovely body, maybe it's the arresting colors they choose. Whatever. BUT BELIEVE THIS ! THIS IS A GREAT BONDAGE PROGRAM AND IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!

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