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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/7/2017

The Adventures of Miss Kitty & Ginger Snap" -- (GAL-17) --35 Minutes
Harmony's bondage gallery is proud to introduce two new bondagettes to our Love Bondage scene, Miss Kitty and Ginger Snap, in this all outdoor bondage art show. Miss Kitty may be the more petite of the two (with pink hair!), but she's like a cat with a toy once she's got blonde, beautiful and leggy Ginger tied up and gagged. The first two scenes feature Ginger, bound to a post facing front, then bottom-up. While Kitty purrs, Ginger preens as they both sink their teeth into the shades of Betty Page and Irving Klaw they observed and recognized, then helped create. Miss Kitty is handcuffed, cleave gagged, hobbled, collared and chained to a stake in the ground and left to contemplate the error of her ways. Then she's secured with rope to a fence in the yard as Ginger relaxes in PVC, on a lounge chair with a cigarette. This outrageous real-life bondage couple took to Harmony style bondage like they were made for it. They came equipped with kinky corsets and boots and heels, and were as eager to wear their costumes as they were to be tied!

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