Mistress Stephanie's Secretary


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2017



45 Minutes

Mistress Stephanie Locke is not satisfied with James, her new secretary. When he took the job he agreed to her conditions – but now, not only is he refusing to wear a dress, but he is not even finishing his work on schedule!
Mistress Stephanie, sexily attired in a tight purple velvet dress, chides her secretary emphatically. Then she ties his wrists an ankles, plying him into a hogtie, and applies red lipstick on his mouth. She instructs him to squirm his way into another room as she watches.
His humiliation is not over. Next we see him seated in a chair, covered with rope and leather straps. Mistress Stephanie seats herself on his knees and, berating him all the while, applies full makeup to his face as he squirms and objects. He really tries to turn his face away, but there’s not much you can do when a determined woman has a grip on you.
She hen adds more rope to his bondage and gags him with black panties. “Jamie” is now left to ponder becoming Mistress Stephanie’s pretty lady secretary.

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