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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/10/2017



35 Minutes

Starring: Nikki Steele & Meitze Katzen with Sharon Kane.

Sharon and Nikki are perusing the personal ads looking for someone to join them in their bondage play. They find the perfect ad: a woman looking for two beautiful women, 35 years or under, to tie her up and gag her. From the personal statistics the woman states in her ad, she sounds like heaven, and so Sharon and Nikki phone her up and invite her over. Then Sharon places Nikki in a stunning chair-tie to await the arrival of their new friend. When Meitze arrives, she's immediately happy to see that her ad has won her the kind of response she was looking for. She can hardly keep her eyes off the naked Nikki in her chair-tie. When Sharon asks Meitze if she"d like to be tied up too, Meitze enthusiastically agrees, and immediately takes off her dress and panties. Sharon places the dark, exotic Meitze in a sensational standing tie (Sharon's ropework gets better all the time!). The storyline really heats up once Sharon decides to tie her two willing bondagettes together...

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