Office Daydreams!


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CAST: Harmony Bondagettes


RELEASE DATE: 9/2/2019


40 Minutes

Playing Miss Bindworthy, a receptionist who just can’t stop fantasizing about bondage, endearing little Krista Mallory sparkles in her very first video performance. As 4 members of her company’s board of directors arrive one by one for their annual meeting, Miss Bindworthy directs them to the boardroom – then imagines herself bound, gagged, and toyed with by each male and female executive in turn. Fantasy becomes unexpected reality when her boss, fed up with this secretarial daydreaming, trusses her up on front of the board of directors – an attractive distraction that naturally switches the topic of discussion from business to pleasure! Miss Bindworthy revels in restraint no matter what her costume: in the 5 bondage episodes, Krista wears a charming blouse and skirt (once with high heels, once with stockinged feet); bra and panties with no shoes; panties and heels with no bra; and a stunning red-on-red fantasy outfit consisting of leotard, stockings, and heels. Diversity of bondage technique matches variety of costume, with Tarsis, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Kristine Imboch, Holman, and Michael Keye each binding Krista in his or her unique style.

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