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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/4/2017

HR-11"Old Fashioned Photo Treasure"

35 Minutes - Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer

While house-sitting for Chelsea, Molly Matthews and Darby Daniels discover Chelsea's hidden stash of favorite bondage photos. Further snooping yields drawers and closets full of old-fashioned lingerie, heels, stockings, ropes, gags...simply everything required to make bondages just like in those the old fashioned, black and white photos! Excited by their fabulous finds, Molly and Darby dress up in the lingerie and begin tying each other up. They flip a coin to see who is first, then they choose a photo and start. Molly loses the coin toss, and in the process is treated to Darby's mischievousness, as she is tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded! Soon the gals get a bit catty, and the game becomes a competition. But, this all plays to the viewer's advantage, as each bondage becomes progressively tighter, with more devious touches tossed in for good measure!

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