Pajama Games!


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CAST: Missy, Brandy


RELEASE DATE: 4/2/2020



Missy's eyes snap open what is Brandy doing? Slipknots close quickly on Missy's wrists and her legs kick futilely under the blan- kets as a gag is pressed between her lips. Missy's nighty is raised over her waist and the captor's merciless fingers discover that every inch of skin is ticklish... Missy squeals and squirms until breathless! She's then tied in a slightly undignified position wearing an open-seat pajama. Later clad in a baby-doll, she's tied into a ball and rolled about on the floor by her mischievous friend. Missy's flailing feet are tickled until she vows to get the last laugh, and Brandy soon finds herself bound and gagged in the closet. The winner of this pajama party is fed a bedtime drink, then left tied up for the night, the last lights fading on her gleaming white tape-gag. "Pajama Games" stars Lorraine Vanowen and Brandy Morgan.

Directed by Kristine Imboch

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