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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/10/2017



35 Minutes

Starring: Raquel DeVine & Chloe with Sharon Kane.

Sexy Sharon is up to more mischief with another one of her devastatingly beautiful bondage friends. Sharon and Raquel devise a plan to lure an unsuspecting plumber over for a day of bondage fun. Sharon ties red-headed, bombshell bodied Raquel in the bathtub, nude, then calls the plumber claiming her girlfriend has her toe stuck in the bathtub faucet! But, the plumber isn't the only one in for surprises. When Sharon answers the knock at her front door, she's delighted to discover that the plumber is a very attractive, lithe, beautiful female! Having even more fun now, Sharon decides to let the plan play out, with one small twist -- now the plumber gets stripped and tied up too. As soon as Chloe the plumber discovers a naked and tied Raquel, much to her dismay, she is nabbed by Sharon. Now the lusty, nude bondage action really begins....

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