Predicaments 2


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2017


Starring Lilli White and Samantha Sterlyng with Tanya Danielle

50 Minutes

Late night horror-movie TV hostess 'Lilith of the Night' (sultry Lilli White) is having company over at her private studio--namely her perceived nemesis, beautiful blonde TV personality Samantha Sterlyng (in her Harmony debut!). Taking the bait of 'let's play a few games on Halloween,' Samantha agrees to spend All Hallow's Eve together--she as a sexy black-clad cowgirl and Lilith as--what else--a dominatrix. Lilith suggests her favorite game--'No Escape.' To convince her the game is harmless, the nefarious Lilith allows herself to be tied up first. Then comes Samantha's turn--a bondage trap more real than she bargained for! Soon, a competition to see who can get free first. Finally, a surprise ending in which Lilith and Samantha regret their professional rivalry! Followed by beautiful and buxom Tanya Danielle all wrapped and duct taped to a chair--obviously the recipient of a Halloween stunt gone awry!

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