Prove It!


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/1/2017


100 Minutes

All On-Screen Bondage!
Starring Julie Simone, Sadie Atkins, Abby Cameron, Amber Michaels,
Paige Richards, and Mary Jane

This non-stop rope-and-gag-packed frenzy features beauties being titillatingly tied by other beauties. Julie Simone is the delicious female bondager in two stories -- "Spice Up Your Life" and "Neighbor Needs Binding" -- tying up sexy struggling Sadie, Paige and Abby. Then Julie becomes taut bindee in a "stalk and capture" vignette followed by the grabbing and tying of Amber in the same unrelenting manner. Mary Jane is bound by an intruder -- or is he her lover?!
The incredible climax features the guys tying Sadie, Paige and Julie in standing spread eagles (and post tie)! ALL ON-CAMERA BINDING AND GAGGING ACTION IN ONE LONG, TIGHT DVD (and video)!

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