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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/1/2017


60 Minutes

Meet Blake Mitchell, the ultra-gorgeous, ultra-voluptuous center of attention in Star Chandler's new "Reel World" series. Forget all the pretense and posing of the many glamour bondage videos out there, this show brings you up close and personal with a real woman, experiencing bondage on camera for the first time. First you'll meet Blake in a short, informal meeting, where Star explains a little bit about Love Bondage. But before you can say Harmony Philosophy, Star plays a mean villainess who forcibly ties and tape-gags sweet secretary Blake, in a initiation/spoof on the classic damsel-in-distress, and Blake takes to bondage with a struggling intensity! For the next three bondages, Blake gets to try being tied in ropes, stockings and leather, with more and more of her bountiful bosom on display. Star does all of the tying on-screen, and in real time, with no cutaways or quick changes. Blake starts out responding to Star a little nervously and shy, but the two become better friends as the tape rolls, and Star gives Blake a few gentle caresses and kisses, to remind her of what this type of bondage is all about. By the last scene, Blake's all smiles as Star shows her the pleasures of a crotchrope, and the beauty of chestropes, especially when the 1ast knot falls deep in between Blake's ample breasts. Then Star stretches her out into a spreadeagle, and adds a black blindfold. Blake says she's surprised when she doesn't get a gag, but Star soon shows her exactly why she's ungagged as the two women touch tongues, and then kiss, gently and erotically. Blake has finally let herself go, and Star's thrilled to be the one who has shown her the way.

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