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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 7/4/2017

WD-34 "The Return of Ewanatiia"

Starring: Jessica Eden, C.J.Taylor, Cleo Nichole, Jordan Scott, and Shawna Lake

60 Minutes

The nasty little god of mischief is back in a bondage-filled trilogy! In the first part of the story, Jessica Eden has just moved into a house which seems haunted by the spirits of bound and gagged women. Psychic C.J. Taylor investigates the phenomenon for a TV show, but tricks Jessica into bondage so she can steal the South Pacific idol. Then flight attendant Jordann Scott comes into possession of Ewanatiia, and she and her skeptical roommate (buxom Cleo Nichole) fall prey to his bondage-laden pranks. When a burglar (Shawna Lake) steals the statue from Cleo and Jordann, she soon finds out why they were so glad to get rid of it! The wicked burglar goes from one bondage to the next, unable to escape Ewanatiia's knotty idea of justice!

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