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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2017



60 Minutes
Starring Sabrina Stone, Cheyenne Allen and Oceana

Dr. Sealgood (buxom SABRINA STONE) is a scientist with one goal: to invent a tape totally silencing anyone gagged with it. Like any competent researcher, the good doctor first tests the formula on herself: she ties herself and tapes her mouth up over a cleave-gag--and finds herself more speechless than usual! Following the successful self-tie, pretty CHEYENNE ALLEN is her first unwitting volunteer, who finds the experiments to be more confining than she bargained on. Thoroughly tape-gagged (with packing) and chair-tied, she then gets revenge on Dr. Sealgood by ball gagging and tying her sacrificial-style to a table. Finally, both are tied by the mysterious head of the institute, back-to-back and wrist-to-wrist, left hobbled to try and escape! Next is an installment of the Oceana Files: the photo/video shoot arranged to create the cover of BONDAGE LIFE #78! OCEANA, portraying Betty Page, is bent over, bound and gagged to a column. Then, as a futuristic damsel-in-distress in a silver mini-dress, she is fettered with transparent tubing! Oceana as Betty Page--not to be missed.

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