Seven Sealed


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 7/22/2017

"SEVEN SEALED" (GAL-29) 45 Minutes
This bondagette-packed tape features Oak's very favorite all-new vignettes. To begin the fettered festivities, JEWELL MARCEAU and SOLE MICHAUX are tied on a bed-and to each other. Jewell is wearing white stockings, red high-heels and ballgag, while Sole is distressed in her bare legs and feet. Next, AMBER MICHAELS is stringently chair-tied, legs crossed, in a black corset, hose and heels while displaying her lovely attributes. Then, ANDREA NEAL finds herself in a tight hogtie, in heels and miniskirt, cleave-gagged with stuffing. (as they say--but that's not all!) Demurely dressed ALEXIS TAYLOR is inescapably taped to a chair, and knot-gagged. Topless BECKY RICO is plastic-wrapped and taped on the floor, struggling to rend her cocoon. Finally, DARBY DANIELS has found herself the patient of a mad doctor, as she is vet-wrapped to a wheelchair while in pantyhose and mini-dress.
Directed by Oak O'Kork.

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