She's Bound To Please!


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CAST: Amateur


RELEASE DATE: 4/2/2020

AMATEUR DVD - 64 MINUTES - NOT GREAT this was an amateur contribution to Harmony nearly 20 years ago and it shows its age--fuzzy
and too dark in spots. But there is that attraction to real-life bondage--true-blue husbands tying up true-blue wives. It's the real deal. The passion is there, nothing commercial about it. And that's why it seems worthwhile to drag this program out of storage, dust it off and say here it is. Might be zero interest, but at least it gets its moment. Should mention that whoever's doing the tying here fancies high heels above all else, actually creating one scene with a shoe fastened tightly to the model's face, the heel poked into her mouth. Hard not to figure that's something he may have wanted done to him. You know--her shoe, his mouth.

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