Sinister Secretary


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2017

"Sinister Secretary"


45 Minutes

starring Jenny McKay and Sydnee Steele

Natural beauty Jenny McKay is ordered to the boss's house for overtime work. Turns out her demanding manager, dark-haired vixen Sydnee Steele, makes her massage her feet. Then comes the tickling, as Jenny realizes her slave-driving boss is at her mercy! Before she knows it, Sydnee is bound and gagged, aching for revenge. Soon, Jenny is hogtied, pack-gagged and rolling around the floor. A persistent peon, she gets free and restrains her menacing mentor in a revealing chair-tie. Then the CEO of the company surprises them, tying them together on the floor: barefoot and topless! Who's actually more sinister? The secretary or her superior? Including a costumed vignette featuring Jenny of the Jungle!

Directed by Oak O' Kork.

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