Star Struck


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/15/2017


45 Minutes Starring Star Chandler, Bondage by Chelsea Pfeiffer

The interview portion of this video is comfy cozy as Star sits on a bed, in a green robe that compliments her red hair she discusses her life, her men, her favorite author, and her work as a bondage model. The bondages begin with an outdoor sequence. Star is in her brand new pretty green lingerie, and tied to a fence on a secluded back parch. She playfully pleads for freedom, trying to talk through her gag! Next she is tied to a posture chair in her white lace-trimmed poet’s shirt – her bare soles peeking out from underneath the chair. She reads a bit of poetry and then is gagged on screen. Next she’s suspended lying flat, held in the air by ropes around her body from bottom to top. Sensual squirms are what this bondage seemed to inspire far Star. Very nice! After the suspension is over she rests for a bit in a half ball-tie, gagged with a knotted cleave gag. For the final bondage Star decides to bind herself Dressed in leather thigh-high boots, and not much else, she restrains herself with leather straps, ankle cuffs, a leather chastity belt, a ballgag, and finally handcuffs. Once she’s gotten herself secured, she struggles sweetly waiting for n hero to rescue her.

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