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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 2/11/2020

"Superheroine Double Feature"


60 Minutes

Starring: Talia Monet, Cindy Jessup, Eve Ellis, Shawna Lake.

Three sexy superheroines face dire peril in this action-packed double bill! In "Dynamic Damsel vs. The Sorceress," a wicked enchantress (Talia Monet) is commanded to annihilate Earth's strongest heroine. She summons her quarry's archenemy, Satori the Ninja, and together the dastardly duo ambush Dynamic Damsel (newcomer Cindy Jessup). The Sorceress then uses her seductive, mystical powers to pry the secret of the superlady's weakness from their unwilling guest. How will Dynamic Damsel escape her impending doom? A diabolical villain rewrites history in "Latex Lady & Sapphire vs. Time-Warp." Latex Lady (Eve Ellis) and Sapphire (Shawna Lake) fall into a temporal trap, and the evil time-meddler makes dangerous changes in their earlier adventures. Can our brave heroines prevail before they run out of time?

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