Super Stacy


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 12/12/2019

MP-26 "Super Stacy"

60 Minutes -- Directed by Jon Woods

She's just too cute to be real! But Stacy Burke is for real, and here's your chance to find out more about this bona fide bondagette, a woman who aspires to be a sexy cartoon come-to-life, a lady who loves to be both damsel and Superheroine. Stacy not only shares her innermost fantasies, this bodacious blonde bombshell is securely bound and gagged in a seductive series of vignettes featuring some of her very favorite costumes. (P.S. There are probably 20-25 more scenes in this video than are NOT shown on this page. But those are quick snippet scenes from other Stacy Burke programs and we just don't have room enough to show them all here. So, the good news is that what you see on this page is not nearly all there is. There's a lot more!)

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