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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 12/31/2017

"Tales from the Manse: 'The Marked Woman' and 'What's My Gag?'"


70 Minutes
Starring Sadie Atkins, Sabrina Stone, Misty Grayson and Yvette D'Aqui

We have two and a half tales in this, the first unusual (and humorous) installment of 'Tales from the Manse.' "The Marked Woman" features beautiful brunette Sadie and rousing redhead Sabrina as teacher and disciple. In a world where sustained rope marks are much sought after, Sabrina wishes to learn from expert Sadie's experience, although she doesn't realize what she's asking . . .
"What's My Gag?" showcases Sadie and Sabrina's fabulous comedic talents as they audition for a game show in which the contestants must tie each other up and must choose between three mysterious choices. Finally, blonde Misty and redhead Yvette are trapped in a mad photographer's studio, tied to the same metal overhead bar, struggling to escape their fate.

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