Tangled Plot...


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017

HC-35 "A Tangled Plot & Other Tales"

60 Minutes

Neglected heiress Jewell Marceau asks her friends (Liberty Larson and Amanda Fortune) to hold her for ransom to get her rich father's attention. Liberty tells her it's a bad idea, but greedy Amanda secretly schemes to make it real! In "You've Got Email," Catalina L'Amour thinks she's helping her roommate Zoe Anders with an on-line personals ad, but when the date turns into a disaster, Zoe is out for revenge. But Catalina may have the last laugh yet! A gorgeous blonde has a "Bondage Date," but she quickly learns the perils of role-playing with a stranger, or is it all just part of the game?

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