The 6th Directive &...


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017

"The Sixth Directive and Other Tales"


75 Minutes

A quartet of fanciful, bondage filled tales await you in this dynamite collection! Timecop Loren Chance is sent to the 21st Century to apprehend rogue officer Dorothy Laine, but because of "The Sixth Directive," Dorothy can't reveal her true motives. With Amber Star and Candace Daylee.
When the Princess of TiyaTiya (Sinnamon Love) comes to America to reclaim a stolen treasure, government liaison Holly Moore must endure her bizarre customs. Justine Romeé tells Artemis Antone why she's "The Woman Who Hated Bondage,"
and a reporter convinces popstar Sybil to recreate "The Incident."

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