The Gift!


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CAST: Cleo & Josie


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

60 Minutes

Starring Cleo Nichole & Josie Perez

Josie has it all planned out!
She's going to give her boyfriend Bill something
very special for Christmas--something he's never had.
She has the video camera ready…

Lights! Camera! Action!

Josie starts stripping in front of the camera! A striptease so sizzling you will never forget it!
After the shoot Cleo Nichole show up for a visit. Ironically, their topic of conversation is Christmas. Cleo wants to know what Josie has planned for Bill. Josie doesn't want to tell. Cleo restrains Josie to the couch and starts to tickle her. She stops at nothing, using all the tickle toys to get the information she craves!
The only way Cleo can view the gift is to submit all control back to Josie. We Figure
there's more than 40 minutes of actual intense tickling in this video. Then of course there's that delicious 15 minutes or so striptease. If that's not enough try the bonus striptease by Cleo Nichole.

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