The Jogger!


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CAST: Heather Irons


RELEASE DATE: 4/2/2020

60 MINUTES - STARRING HEATHER IRONS - REPRISED FROM THE EARLY 1980'S This was Harmony's first great amateur release. Bondagers back then loved it even. Though it was technically atrocious (still is!). The young couple who produced it were not professional filmmakers, but Heather and her story were so engaging that people overlooked all the glitches and discolorations. For all its flaws, the picture was plain enough to see and that was the main thing. There's something about Heather in bondage: she wears it serenely, seductively, suggestively. And wait'll you see her bound
astride a working and maybe sexually helpful vacuum cleaner--it's turned on and so is she. After that, there is a handful of disconnected but satisfying scenes. Despite all that's wrong with it technically, this remains an engrossing and provocative program.

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