The Mad Librarian...


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017

"The Mad Librarian and Other Tales"


90 Minutes !

When Bunny Slain is unable to clear her overdue book fines, librarian Dorothy Laine takes her out of circulation until she can pay up. Mistress Kelsie Chambers' mischievous slave Alexis Taylor stirs up trouble when she fabricates a story about the dungeon's new submissive, Jovienne Binoche. In "Pillowtalk," Hollywood just wants to get some sleep, but her chatty roommate Goldie Blair won't shut up. Can the gorgeous brunette find a way to keep the busty blonde quiet? Burglar Katarina Valentine gets some helpful tying hints from cooperative bondage model Alexis Lane, and adventuress Cleo Nichole faces two suspensions when she tries to rescue newcomer Mikayla... But does the Asian beauty really want to be saved?.

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